Savings account interest rate

It seems that finally Swiss banks have started to pay some interest to savings accounts and wanted to ask whether anyone has done comparisons of these and found some high yeld ones. UBS has now Savings account extra with 1.5% per year which is not great but better than nothing.

Other alternative would be to move savings to some bank in Eurozone where one can get 3% easily but there is of course the higher inflation and also it seems almost no banks accept customers based in Switzerland.

UBS's savings account extra is only for new money. For existing savings it's 0.75%

In the UK you can get 6.3% fixed for one year or 5% easy access but obviously the economic situation there is different.

Separately discussed, the UK offers are mostly either to UK residents or in offshore accounts needing high net balance amounts.

Wonder how do they define new money, eg does moving current savings to other bank for a day and then back make it new…

On a meanwhile found an online tool regarding interest rates for savings and it seems 2% is currently highest in Switzerland from

Comparison tool:…es-switzerland

1.4% from UBS for a one-year savings account.

Renewed my mortgage on Monday - it turns out fixed rates for longer terms are cheaper than shorter terms.

That’s for Euro so you’re comparing apples to oranges. It’s not just the risk as inflation but the risk of currency fluctuation that you are not compensated with a return on investment. It would make sense only if you seek exposure to Euro.

Anyhow, if you want to, you don’t necessarily need to use an EU bank. You can buy EU short term government bonds directly or ETFs of such bonds or money market funds (e.g. FR0010510800).

If you want to just get interest on cash, Interactive Brokers pays 2.9% on your EUR cash balance without any restrictions on withdrawals:…rest-rates.php

That's absolutely true, but am I the only skeptical guy thinking of buying some EUR cheaply as CHF must fall bellow EUR otherwise Switzerland will collapse