Sds b2

Hello guys im just wanna help for SDS B2 test specially Mündlich. To any one who take SDS test specially for the one reach SDS B2. Can any one share his experience?

For example how hard is the listening B2 SDS test? How mich question in B2 section ?

And speaking part also? How hard it is?

Thank u and sorry for my english 😂

I found the speaking part very quick - 10min max in a separate room with the examiner. There was roughly one main question per level basically then some quick probing questions within each answer.

I got through B1 level ok taking about myself, work and family, then I'm quite sure the B2 question I answered poorly was asking "what three things would you buy first if you won chf3m in the lottery, and why?" This type of conversation was not a big part of my preparation work so I failed the question miserably.

For the listening, the B2 questions were tricky and I think (not 100% sure at it was quite a long time ago now) the difference was you could only repeat it once (eg hear twice in total). I think at lower levels you could listen to each paragraph 3 times in total if you wanted.

For the writing and reading part, the B2 questions did require more depth but I found them much easier than the listening/speaking.

For writing, I was presented with two topics and had to select one to write a balanced argument of pros + cons about, with something like 2 points both for and against, also including an introduction to the topic and a conclusion containing my opinion. I chose "self checkouts in supermarkets", can't remember the other possible topic anymore.

For reading, at B2 the paragraphs of text were much longer and complex than lower levels - then some questions were asked - but having time to read and digest helped, as did some targeted guesswork.

Can i ask u about listening part that how many questions was there? Have time to read the question in listening part? It was talll? Or short? And how tricky the listening part? It was harder than gothe and telc? Thank u so much