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Hello all

I am Sunanda from Mumbai, India .My daughter Sripriya is going to study in Lucerne Univercity from 15th September. I am looking for some studio for her with kichen near train station(as university is there only).Any reference or reference of agent any pointers will be helpful.


Sunanda Tiwari

Dear Sunada,

just a tip: Lucerne is not a big city, so I believe it would not be a problem if the apartment is not close to the station. therefore you could extend your search.

Public transports work quite well and it would be no problem to reach the university, even if the apartment is located somewhere else.

In addition to that, even if Switzerland is generally a safe country, the big train stations are not the nicest area to live and hang around (at least, for someone coming from abroad and not knowing too much about the city).

If the stay is relatively short (1 semester?), you could search for a serviced apartment, or on local FB groups.

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As Icdega said - Public transport, especially in the cities, is frequent, regular and reliable. You may well save money just being 15 or 30 minutes away - and have a nicer place.

Uni LU is neighbouring the train station. Since you're living in Hergiswil she'll most certainly be better off by commuting by train, it's only 13min one way with 4 trains per hour.

With that said the phone you gave is abroad, perhaps Hergiswil is no longer your location, nonetheless it'll be far easier to find an apartment a bit away.

I searched a bit for you and there will be a room free from 1 October with other girls in the flat.

Is worth to ask maybe they are happy to rent earlier:…/show/30467633

Hello and welcome.

Many students live in shared accommodation. Each person has his/her own bedroom, and they share the living-room (if any), the kitchen and the bathroom, also (usually downstairs) a shared laundry with washing-machine and tumbler, and typically also a place to park her bicycle. This system is usual, here, and living alone in a studio apartment less so. The reasons are because there are not so many studios as there are shared apartments, that sharing is cheaper, and also because many students enjoy the company of others and might cook together or perhaps go out together to do sport or meet other friends.

Here are some websites for shared accommodation:…&west=8.212001

The university at which your daughter will be studying might also have an accommodation office, to help students find such rooms.

Good luck!

There are other reasons why students are not commonly renting studios

1) Minimum 1 year of rental period. Very few people wants to rent for a shorter period because people arriving and leaving with frequency means cost of sales and lost rental income.

2) 2 or 3 months of rent as deposit in a bank account.

3) Locally, students are not regarded as dependable enough. Local customs are that students live from scholarships, jobs or loans, not from their parents. That's why landlords/real estate companies will prefer to allocate an studio to a single worker with an unlimited job contract.

Yes, Axa, very good points.