Sharing licence plate between motorcycle and moto-scooter

My apologies if that has been already covered, but I was not able to find with my lame search skills - it seems the law (and "google") says that I can share/swap licence plate between the same type of vehicle. Hence my question: is motorcycle (full A, >35kW) considered the same type for licence sharing as scooter (125cc), can I register them both for the same licence plate? Or not, like with driving licence - different categories? Thanks!



Thanks a lot for prompt reply!!! Any advice on how this process can be started , if I already have both and want to move under single licence platen - shall I first go to Strassenverkehrsamt or first call an insurance? Thanks!

Insurance, and tell them whuch number you want to keep.

They will send the electronic documents to the STVA, you bring the two grey cards and the no longer used plate to STVA, and they will deal with it.