Realised that with the move, we lost the shooting thread.

If anyone wants to come shooting - we typically go once a month in Zurich (Spreitenbach, 25m indoor - any caliber goes).

We also do Bruenig and other ranges - but not every month :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I was going to ask about this.

In school I used to do 25m smallbore and 300-800m fullbore (single shot .308 calibre)…just found some of my medals and awards the other day. Also regular pistol shooting when I was in the police.

Now I’m Swiss I’d love to take it up again.

Great thing is - you don’t need to be Swiss :slight_smile:
I’ve brought guests who were here for a weekend shooting.

There are 2 restrictions:

  1. If you are from “Albania, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Turkey” you cannot shoot
  2. If you have a B-permit, buying a gun is more challenging (but not impossible)

Otherwise I’ve been shooting with minors, tourists, etc

I thought you meant the “A shooting just happened, fill in the (blank)” thread when I saw the thread title. :rofl:


No, this is the “shooting for fun” thread and not “shooting with a mental illness” thread.

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Only in Switzerland!

I’ll send you a PM.

Is it only for those who have weapon/gun permit, or for all, except from those aforementioned countries? Thanks!

To come shoot, as a guest, does not generally require a permit. I’d assume the offer is for everybody outside of the excluded nationalities.

To actually purchase a gun, you would indeed need to apply for an acquisition permit. Once you have that, you can use it to make and register a purchase.

A long, but excellent English overview:

If you want to “just shoot” - anyone except the banned countries. Tourists here for a weekend can rent a gun, buy some ammo and shoot. If you come with our group, we usually bring enough guns that renting isn’t needed.

If you want to buy and keep at home, the answer is : it depends.

B-permit or less: you need an acquisition permit (WES). To get this, you need a firearms license in your home country.

C-permit or more (e.g. citizen): depending on the type of gun, you may need a permit. Swiss military guns (including the Swiss assault rifle), single-shot snipers, hunting rifles and similar you don’t need a WES, just a clean criminal record (and some money :p). You sign a contract with the seller, and both buyer/seller need to keep a copy of the contract for 10 years; but that’s about it… really quite easy.

Nothing stops you from buying, and storing at the range. e.g. SSG in Zurich will store a gun for you, and you can shoot it when you’re there. In these cases, no permit is needed (but if you want to bring it home, you’ll need a permit)

The process if you have a c-permit is easy… I typically get the permit within 48 hours (which reminds me, I need to get a new one as just bought a revolver and want to bring it home at some point)

EDIT: There is an exception for “special stuff”, e.g.:

  • Suppressors (“silencers”)
  • Full auto
  • Night vision and laser scopes
    for these you need a special permit, but that’s not that hard to get - they just need to know why you want them (e.g. collectors, ear issues meaning you cannot wear earpro, etc)
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I’m guessing “to protect my family from the immenent Zombie Apocalypse” ain’t gonna cut it?

Zombies - not really…

I’m a “collector” (>10 guns), which is easy enough to get short rifles, bigger mags, etc. Currently waiting to find a nice old AK47, make in the soviet union with wooden stocks - but those are full auto only, so needs a full auto permit.

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I think one thing worth mentioning is the requirement by many shooting ranges for a criminal record check, especially if one is thinking of attending more regularly or wishing to become a member.
Do you know if they accept the certified digital record checks, or does it have to be the paper version?

The range I use prefers the digital ones… you can email them over and voila…

If you bring a paper one, they scan it.

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