Short sledging locations in Zurich

I wanted to take kids tomorrow for sledging. They are small - 1.5 & 3.5 y.o. so a tiny slope can entertain them. Hence I am looking for small safe slopes, preferably not many people. So feel free to share all small spot secrets

We are in ZH Altstetten but can go elsewhere too. I am aware of a place towards the cemetery and people keep mentioning that spot but it goes towards a main street and does not feel safe enough for my taste as I am a rather cautious person

Also if you have suggestions for things to do with toddlers involving snow in Zurich, happy to hear them

Höngg. Next to the ETH.

Other activity: Go to the Zoo and watch the penguin parade.

Uetliberg at Ringlikon station. If you go early there are not too many people. When my kids were that age, we went up early, sledged a bit then went all the way up to Uetliberg to the playground and then went home. Have fun 😊

Second Höngg, Uetliberg also good. If you don’t mind a little travel Brunni or Sattel Hochstuckli are good for small kids.

Good overview here too if you’re feeling more adventurous:…arch/sledging/

There are some little hills here in Greifensee, near our place. Our huge apartment community has a huge parking lot for “besucher parking” near there. Next time it snows, if you’re interested, send me a PM and I can give you the address where to park, etc. There’s also a bigger hill just a few minutes walk from here.

My son was out there sledding with his two “besties” earlier today for a few hours, having lots of fun. When your kids are a bit older, I think these are the best sleds, as they go quite fast (but not too fast!) and are super lightweight and easy to carry back up the hill:…B&gclsrc=aw.ds

Even cheaper on

The park next to GZ Bachwiesen has a small hill ideal for small kids to toboggan down. We went quite often with Nickatbasel Jnr. You can’t miss it.

Google Maps link here showing the location.


Warm, waterproof clothing and toy trucks and diggers.
As much fun for them as moving mud but without the clean-up.

Or, bob sleigh toys and a 1.5 litre plastic bottle filled with warm water to smooth the track. You need a gradient but it only needs to be slight.

Galaxus link