SIM for Apple Watch [Kids and Tween]

Fellows and hive mind wizards,

I had a most peculiar visit to Swisscom earlier today, where I ventured to buy an Apple Watch SE for my son drawn by their Kids Watch subscription. I will fast forward through the multiple limitations cited on the spot, to summarize that this subscription is only available for NON-Apple smartwatches [#dafuq]. If we insist on using an Apple watch (instead of the insanely cool TCL ).

Do you have any suggestions and recommendations for a SIM card for Apple Watch?

I think any SIM card would work. Try yallo, sunrise etc for a cheapest monthly subscription.

My kid has tcl watch and swisscom subscription but SIM card works perfectly inside smartphone so I believe that it will work inside Apple Watch too.

Apple Watch requires very specific eSIM, which is effectively coupled with a SIM in an iPhone. That way, both devices work with the same phone number. I do not think there is a standalone option at the moment.

Swisscom for sure offers the eSIM for Apple Watch if you pair it with the iPhone. Sunrise also seems to offer the pairing. Salt not (unless they introduced it very recently. They do offer eSIM for the iPhone etc. but not the coupled one for the Watch)

This might help, instructions for Verizon for their users.

Note while an iPhone is needed to set it up, it isn’t required to use it. An Apple ID also required for the user. Works with Watch 4 or newer and WatchOS 7 or Newer.

My daughter has a Wingo eSim for the Apple Watch, as an additional sim. If Wingo can then why is it not possible with Swisscom?

I sure Swisscom can do it, but it appears they aren’t offering their f10/m kids package with Apple Watches. Likely for commercial reasons not technical ones.

It’s CHF 7.50 a month with Sunrise without other subscriptions (or so it seems).…t-loop-gre-alu