Ski in Switzerland

I had no idea I would be opening this thread by mid April.

I went to Engelberg/Titlis website to check when they open the MTB trails and found a thick layer of snow instead. Webcam from the Jochpass a few mins earlier:

I found no end date of the ski season in the resort website. So, only found the one below. Any better alternative? Season end Engelberg-Titlis - end of the ski season - Engelberg-Titlis

I’ve never skied this later in the season. I only have a boring experience from mushy snow in Braunwald in a day above zero degrees. So, what do you think a ski day tomorrow in Engelberg/Titlis? Totally idiotic or somewhat odd but funny plan?


Maybe you can call today to double check it is open, but hey, if there’s snow, why not?!

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@Axa, If you want to venture a bit closer to AR, come across the border–we expect 4 days of new snow next week at 2000m!

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Can be quite demanding as the slopes are likely to be icy in the morning and super slushy from noon. Bring plenty of sunscreen and several layers of clothing so you don’t die from heat.

Personally, I would rather enjoy the spring in the lowlands on the bike.

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There’s normally some skiing up on the glacier well into May, sometimes even June. The lifts up to Stand and Titlis run all year round, apart from a two-week period for maintenance in November, so if there’s snow you can ski. Of course, you need to check which other lifts are open, but again, the Jochpass one runs all year round for walkers and cyclists, and I think the flat one across Truebsee as well; and whether there’s enough snow once the pistes are not officially open, but that’s up to you.

So yes, check conditions/webcams first, of course, but it’s only early April, there should be tons still officially open and in decent condition, given that most of the slopes are very much North-facing.

We lived there from 2007 to 2017, during which time I don’t think there was an April without decent skiing. Past the end of March-ish the home run back to the village may be closed, so you may be limited to the pistes above Truebsee to be able to get the lift back down, but that’s still plenty.


Thanks a lot. Yes, the Titlis website says the lifts are working.

I got injured 3 years ago and only bike in the hills around Aarau. But, knee is fine once again. That’s why I checked the single trails in Engelberg. But, if there’s snow…I’ll do downhill in a different manner :slight_smile:

Actually that’s really not a problem in Engelberg. As a general rule yes, but there the upper north-facing slopes get little sun and are high enough that melting is very limited. Even in mid summer there’s still snow at 3000m, hence the glacier, albeit receding like so many in recent years. The rough rule of thumb is that temperature drops around 1 degree with each 100m of altitude, so even if it’s +20C in the village it will still be zero at the top.

They stopped summer skiing around 2005 due to glacier erosion, but they still run the chair lift up there for summer visitors (mainly Asian tour groups).

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Another option, Weissenstein trail near Solothurn is even closer.

But, apparently the works have not been finished yet Happy End: Biketrail am Weissenstein soll 2024 eröffnet werden | Ride MTB