Sleepless in Seattle

I’m off to Seattle next week on business and will stay on for a few more days. Quite excited to be visiting the birthplace of Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks etc…

Any insider tips for things to do, dining etc… I will definitely be visiting The Museum of Flight :airplane:

Strangely enough, every time I’ve been to lovely Seattle, the weather has been stellar…glad I didn’t rely on that and move there (!) The highlight of one trip was Pike Place Market (especially the guys who throw giant whole salmon through the air). I shall never forget the huge Rainier (pronounced “rain-eer”) cherries we had one day in summer. Weather permitting, take a ferry ride on the lake–that way you see a side to any water-based city you will never see otherwise.

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Don’t miss the monorail (in operation since 1962!) and the Space Needle.

If you have the time take a float plane tour from Lake Union, or flights to Victoria or Vancouver. Flying at 2K feet up Puget sound, the San Juan and Gulf Islands is super!

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I do hope you are going to post pictures.

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For food Ivar’s fish bar and Ivar’s acre of clams are well recommended. Not gourmet restaurants but grab and go sit outside to watch the seagulls watch you. For a sit down meal there is Ivar’s Salmon house.

I remember visiting these places in the late 60’s and if they have lasted this long …

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Thanks Bowlie, forgot to mention I’m not a fan of seafood :face_with_peeking_eye:

Oops. Lots of steakhouses ….

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There’s so much good seafood in the Pacific North West.

You are really missing out.

I wouldn’t bother with the needle, it’s a bit tired with a 1960-1970s feel.
Pike Place Market is worth a wander.
If you are into hiking, climbing, camping etc (which you ought to be, living in Switzerland), the massive REI store is worth a look.

Otherwise, the seafood!!!

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If you have an afternoon, take a short ferry ride and enjoy the sights.

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Avoid I-5 when you can… you’ll be shocked to see the kinds of cars and drivers on that freeway and the very frequent back ups caused by crashes and/or construction. It’s Washington’s elephant in the room.

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I’ve driven in Cairo, Casablanca and Rome… how bad can it be? :nerd_face:

Depending on the time, weather and accidents, I’d say very similar

Try driving in Mexico city, Jakarta and Tehran.

I agree with Mexico City, and was gonna nominate Athens, anywhere in Bangladesh, and Beijing.

I had my little VW Pointer and quite enjoyed driving around DF in it.
Oh! I forgot to mention riding a motorbike on Malta. Or a bicycle on Malta where your generic middle Euopean cyclist would have the life expecency of a kitkat in the rain.