Special Needs Education in Cantons TG and/or SH

Hi All,

We currently live in Solothurn, but are moving farther East to be closer to my job.

We are considering either Thurgau (near Bischoffszell) or Schaffhausen (Thayngen).

I have an 8 year old son who has been diagnosed with both an ASD and ADHS. Currently he goes to a Tagessonderschule in Solothurn. Last year, he had a fabulous teacher, but then the canton changed how they organized things and everything has changed. Other than his great teacher last year, we have, thus far, not been super impressed with how things were handled by our local Gemeinde and the Canton. (In case it matters I was a teacher in the US for 10 years.)

Already I have been impressed with Schaffhausen as the canton has an actual person to contact regarding their special education services, and the man in charge answered us directly and set up a time to talk with us. I have not found such a resource for the canton of TG, but did contact the school "district" where we have found a potential house.

Anyway, I know special education services vary by canton and even by the school district, but does anyone here have any experience with a child with special needs in either TG or SH. I have searched the forum and have been unsuccessful (which may say more about my search skills than anything else).

Thank you!