Special offer for yallo mobile subscription

There’s an offer right now from yallo until tomorrow night. Unlimited calls and data in CH for 30 CHF/month. Unlimited data in EU. No SIM activation fee.

It’s a low cost supplier, so signal strength in some places may not be there, data transfer rates are 2nd class, etc. But, if “something that works” is enough for you, it’s harder to find lower prices in CH.

I work from home with a similar low cost supplier (digital republic). Sometimes data transfer is slow, but…it’s damned cheap :smiley:

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Is there a catch with Yallo? Super-low offers again, until tomorrow only.

I’m currently on a 50% off rate, paying about 50 per month, with Salt , unlimited calls and data in Europe, seems like I can get an equivalent with yallo for less than half of that. Anyone any experiences, positive or negative, with them?

No catch, I used them for years, including Black deals. No problems at all. I switched to Sunrise because I negotiated even better deal otherwise I would stay with Yallo.

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I’ve been with yallo for more than a decade. I’ve never had a problem, it works just fine.

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Which network does yallo use?
Sunrise is diabolical around here so personally I wouldn’t switch if they use the Sunrise network but otherwise it’s a very tempting offer.

Yes, they use Sunrise. The claimed coverage for our village is solid 5G, going down to 4G+ and little below that for the whole valley. So am I safe to extrapolate that to ‘good’ coverage for phone as well?

What does their website say about coverage in your area, just to match your reality? And for that matter do you actually use them yourself?

The website gives 2 bars for 5G where we live which pretty much corresponds to what my husband gets but it’s pretty patchy.
He’s just in the process of changing to coop mobile which uses the Swisscom network as the service isn’t reliable enough with sunrise.

I’m with Salt and have no issues with them at all but we don’t like to have all our subscriptions with the same provider as if that network goes down we’d be a bit stuck.

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Thanks. It shows 4 bars at our Swiss address, 5 for most of the surrounding area, so I think I should be OK. Just need to make a call to Salt later today when I’m back there to see if they can match the Yallo offer if I renew with them; always worth a try, so far I’'ve had close to 100% success rate in the 10 years or so I’ve been with them…

Well I’d screwed up, thinking that my 24-month contract was finished, so I would have had to pay a cancellation fee to change…

But Salt have now renewed me at chf29.95. Not quite such a good contract as before, doesn’t cover calls from Switzerland to Europe, but unlimited data and saving me chf23 per month, so happy for now.