Looks like SpaceX is ready for the third testflight of Starship.

Starship… “ENGAGE!”

Starship is on the gantry and ready for today´s launch.

T-15 MInutes.

Has a kind of Thunderbirds vibe to it.

I was thinking First Contact. Do you see the Borg cube in orbit?

He can send a car on a 2.5 trillion mile journey to the sun, but can’t fix the buggy auto wipers or parking sensors on my Model Y. Incredible.

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Apparently a success …

I just wonder how many lifetimes of CO2 production for an average person like me, was burned in just a few minutes.

And loosing the capsule? Isn’t that where the people are supposed to be?

I’m more interested in this approach of “making the cake bigger” for humans, rather than war/competition towards “sustainability”…

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This shot was not intended with the ship and booster to survive.
The launch went perfectly, the hot staging and relighting of the vacuum engines went well. I think where it went wrong was that there was a rest atmosphere in the ship when it opened the bay doors, you can see it in the footage and if I remember the space shuttle had the same problems the first time as well. After which it seemed to corkscrew and then it hit the atmosphere ass-down instead of the “belly-flop” The fascinating part was the beginning of the plasma field around the ship as it reentered at an excess of 20.000 kmh. The usual blackout did not happen even when you could see the plasma burning around the hull. Starship is so big it punched a hole in the atmosphere and the starlink signals could be transmitted.
So, they will get there and let´s face it, seeing this is our childhood scifi dreams of the sixties come to life.

Welcome Xarthurx. Interesting name by the way, has a Zardoz vibe to it.