Stock bonus & tax (ZH) declaration

I wonder if someone can advise me off-hand how to declare stocks bonus. I’ve always done taxes myself, but now I’m in a new situation.

Since I’ve moved from technical into director position a large part of my income comes form stocks. These are accounted for in the “lohnausweis” in point 5 “Beteiligungsrechte gemäss Beiblatt”, but constitute two things:

  1. stock bonus I get for free, I guess I’ll declare them as gratis stock
  2. discounted stocks purchase

Stocks from #1 are added at nominal value as an additional income, for stocks #2 only the discount adds to my income. AHV/income/tax wise all is pretty clear as all is added up in the lohnausweis, but how do I declare the stock movements? I did sell a few as well.

There’s the section “Ertrag”, do I have to put there anything?

Thanks for tips, otherwise I’ll have to engage some “truehand” to go over this with me.

I always just put the number it tells me to from the lohnausweis.

The stocks are not on lohnausweis, but all the bonus gain from the stocks is included in it, hence my confusion with the tax forms.

:thinking: I’m not a professional trader so I guess the yield doesn’t matter. They only want to know the total number of the stocks I hold at 31.12.

I’m not sure I quite understand the situation: is it that, say, you get a stock worth 100, but you paid only 80 for it. So on your tax return is the difference of 20? If so, then you just need to add the 20, as the 80 you paid yourself.

Yes, that’s the scheme. Some stocks I get for free, some I buy at a discount. The 100% of the free stocks value and the discount (say 20%) value is already included in my lohnausweis, as it was included for calculating all the usual contributions, AHV etc.

I also think you only need to declare the initial income (the full grant, or the discount received). If and when you sell, doesn’t really matter, there is no tax on the gain and no tax write-off on the loss.

Also, a person to do the taxes for you is quite reasonably priced if you need help, I’ve never done them myself.