Strictness of uninterrupted residence for C-Permit?

I understand that a history of uninterrupted residence is required for eligibility for the C-Permit.

I also understand that when moving within my canton I am required to register with the new Gemeinde within 14 days of deregistering from the old one.

My specific question is that if I so deregister, and then re-register (e.g.) 13 days later, is this 13-day non-registration with any Gemeinde considered an "interruption"?

If this rule is adhered to strictly, then might not registering at a new Gemeinde even the day following a deregistration be classed as an interruption and thus reset the clock to accruing the time required for C-Permit eligibility?

(I may soon have to move very quickly, before a new rental contract can be signed. In the 2-week "meantime" I could stay with friends whilst searching.)

I doubt it since you’re not actually leaving the country. And I’d also check about the time needed to re-register. While 14 days applies when you first move to Switzerland when changing to another canton or even moving within a canton it might be only 8 days allowed.

When you deregister you provide the address of your new place of residence. Your old Gemeinde will notify your new Gemeinde you will be arriving so they will know beforehand.

This wont affect your uninterrupted residence.

In my case, I pre-registered in my new canton a month out, but de-registered in my old canton a week after I had moved. Because some documents were missing, I ended up finishing my registration in the new canton a week later too. Simply put, the deregistration date was one day, and the registration in the new Gemeinde was set as the day immediately after (the officials changed the dates on the forms despite me not being registered anywhere for a week while documents got sorted).

Many thanks to all for all this info.

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