Stroller for a toddler + infant

I am looking for a stroller and could not find any that satisfies all or most of what I want:

1. durable

2. easy to manoeuvre

3. can have two seats - 1 year old + 3 year old

4. want at least one seat to be for bigger kids (uppababy vista seems fine for 3.5y and bogaboo donkey for until 3, I want until 4 at least)

5. that there is enough space for both kids (models that turn towards each other seem better to me in this aspect)

6. Not too wide - need to be able to get into a tram. Actually I prefer tandem ones where it is serial not parallel so it is possible to get trough narrower places.

I use stroller a lot. Almost on a daily basis, long walks, sometimes woods, sometimes snow, sometimes public transportation. I don't have a car but do use uber from time to time.

It seems Uppababy vista 2 is closest to what I need except according to some reviews so drawbacks are

- most importantly can use seems only for a half a year until the older one is 3.5.

- it is front loaded and becomes less manoeuvrable with two kids

- heavier than what I would have preffered but am willing to accept that

Joolz Geo3, Bogaboo Donkey 5, Thule Glide, Nuna Demi all seem to have even smaller seats than Uppababy hence are eliminated.

price up to 2500fr though I could not find anything for any price

It may be a quest impossible but maybe there's a model I've missed

Side note: I have used Emmaljunga NXT60 so far (seats are NXT 90 and was sold to me in the shop as NXT 90 and hence I have a double adapter for NXT 90 but it does not fit NXT60. New NXT90 3.0 is not suitable for the attachment + the seat is already borderline lengthwise. Hence I won't go for NXT twin or Viking. Otherwise it was a mostly good stroller for my needs and would have used the adapter if I could. Could not find any good second hand in reasonably good shape in ZH area either.

Will you really still need a double stroller when your oldest is almost 4? By that time the younger one will be near 2 and able to walk short distances, while the older one takes a rest in the stroller. Or you could get a little footboard or seat attachment for a single stroller?

When my kids were small I really liked a side by side double jogging stroller for the woods (big wheels, easy to push) and a smaller foldable single stroller for errands with public transport.

It's hard to find all the features you want in one stroller.

My son didn't want to be in a pushchair from about 3 y.o.

3 years is the recommended maximum in the UK (it's about 5-6 years old in the US but they are special).

I understand the convenience of a buggy - you can carry all the extras you need (but as you have more kids, you realise that you don't actually need most of those extras) but you'll still have the buggy for the younger one anyway.

You may feel, that without a double stroller, you are going to miss out on those long walks in the woods or by the lake but there are alternatives:

A child can start learning on a balance bike when they are from 18 months to 2 years old and they work well on tracks and in the woods and increase the range you can travel ten-fold or more.

Plus, the transition from a balance bike to one with pedals can literally be minutes so that's something else made easier.

Not what you asked for, I appreciate but that's EF.

+1 for the buggy board option, that worked well for us, particularly as the older one would never have stayed in the buggy for long and getting them in and out disturbs the younger.

^^^ I was also just going to suggest one of those standing board things*, where the 3-year old can stand behind the stroller while the smaller child sits normally in the stroller. (Assuming that’s what was meant by “buggy board” ).

Something like this:…E&gclsrc=aw.ds

A three-year old wouldn’t be using a stroller (to sit) much longer anyways. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a three or four year old sitting in a stroller (but not sure).

None of these would work for me:

If the child is in a bad mood, close to a road or need to get into train not being on a stroller would be too dangerous. There is no way I can manage a kid in a stroller and chase another around on my own. And I often have to manage the two kids together alone.

Furthermore sometimes she just needs to sleep. She needs a place to sleep in.

I do encourage her to walk whenever there is an opportunity. But frequently enough that is not an option.

She does not like the buggy board, never wanted to use it. In the end I took it off. Would not be an option for my use cases anyways.

Have you looked for strollers for twins? (Not sure if they’d be big enough for the 3-year old though). But maybe something like this?:…1zcF9hdGY&th=1

Have you heard of the Baby Jogger City Select? Not sure if it's available to purchase in Switzerland but I'm actually looking to see our used one. I just only have one seat but have the boogie board adapter.

Thank you. Reviews I checked (mostly the Stroller Workshop) is that it is a bit small - up to age 3 when it becomes uncomfortable.