Sunrise scam fake upgrade/MySunrise hacking

I had a call today from a call centre, an imposter, someone claiming to be from Sunrise, claiming they wanted to port my number to their new 6G framework. My caller ID app identified them as Sunrise. The caller said I would be sent an SMS, and if I didn't give the code in the SMS to them, my number would not be ported and it would take 7 days to move it over and only Sunrise head office could fix it, not a shop. They were quite persistent. The code sent to me by Sunrise via SMS was from MySunrise, and it clearly said not to give the code to anyone, including Sunrise staff.

Interesting because this is the first time I have had a Social Engineering/confidence trick type of call in Switzerland.

When you get these calls, blow up a balloon, prick it, and then exclaim "I've been shot - get me some help... gurgle gurgle... " and then hang up and block the numebr.

I don’t understand this scam at all.

Is it to port your number for a new contract at a higher rate? Why would a call centre allow a scammer to call anyway??

To port the number to a phone under their control. Once this achieved they can receive two factor SMS to get into your mail accounts, and from their anything is possible.

This is a targeted attack a.k.a spear fishing.

@p42: You can report it here

Wow. I hadn't realise it might be that serious! One false move from me and all my millions could have been gone before tea time.

exactly. with control of the phone you have access to potentially a lot more: typically all online accounts: social media, email etc. with both email and phone, you can typically then access bank accounts. if you hold crypto and keys of access to keys are on your phone/computer, then it's game over.

there was a recent case when a bank account got emptied. the bank refused to compensate as they said it was the owner's fault for giving details to the scammers.

A reminder, any number can be spoofed. If you’ve got that number in your contacts, the call will appear to be coming from your contact.

A few weeks ago I got a call from a neighbour. Except it wasn’t. They used a number 20 or so different from mine. I hung up when my ‘neighbour’ started speaking English to me about being from Microsoft.

A reminder that not only numbers but also voices can be spoofed these days, and that you can always hang up and talk with someone:…n-514568926492

Many people were victim of this Sunrise fraud. The scammers usually have personal details of the victim and even their Sunrise contracts. They may be Sunrise employees working as contractors in one of the many branches of the company (albania, kosovo, turkey, portilugal, morocco) that make the fraud to earn extra money. Or maybe hackers who entered the Sunrise network and stole the data. They use these data to fraud customer up to 400 CHF each. Sunrise doesn't refund, doesn't even recommend to report the criminals to the police. The criminals buy crypto currencies, so they are not traceble, but you customer can contact the company where thus money is spent (you can see on your bill) and ask for refund. Sunrise knows it, but they don't reveal to the customers.