supplementary insurance - update policy with ongoing disease ?

Hi everyone ,

I have a question about supplementary health insurances. I currently have two supplementary health insurance policies with the same provider, which cover hospitalization and medical emergencies abroad. They do not cover accidents (I'm covered through my job), but I've recently realized that the accident cover I would have when traveling abroad isn't very good.

I'd like to include the 'accident' option in the supplementary cover I already have. My current insurer sent me an offer for this, it is not very expensive to add it. But I have a question about the health questionnaire I have to fill in again with my insurer:

- When I took out the policy, I had nothing to declare in terms of illness.

- I now have a benign chronic 'illness' (urticaria).

What is the risk of my application being rejected because of my chronic urticaria? If my application is rejected, could this also lead to termination of the contract I already have with them? Is there a good strategy to follow here?

Bonus question : since the insurer sent me an offer, am I committed to anything already ? In other words, if I don't send back the signed offer (via the website or by post), nothing happens?

Do you have some kind of travel insurance? That may solve it without taking out additional insurance?

Just get travel insurance. I have it with Allianz Travel and it covers medical expenses not covered by your health/accident insurance.

Thanks. I have an upcoming trip to the US, so I signed up for a single trip coverage with Allianz Travel, until I can figure out the situation with my insurer.