Swiss judge court deliberation secretly recorded and then hushed down

Weltwoche (I know, I know, UDC propaganda paper etc) reported about a scandal in court in Zurich.

In a nutshell - the Zurich labor court dismissed the lawsuit of an (unjustly?) dismissed employee who secretly recorded a troubling deliberation of the court about the verdict, where it seems the court acted in bad faith.

Then die Weltwoche was ordered to retract the article, as reported by Tages Anzeiger (finally a legit source for the SVP allergic):
[Abhöraffäre: Gericht verbietet Weltwoche-Artikel über Richterin | Tages-Anzeiger](https://Tagi: Gericht verbietet «Weltwoche»-Artikel über Richterin)
That’s behind a paywall, unfortunately, but here is an article about the Weltwoche travails with meaty details:
Der Schwurbler und seine Richterin – Inside Paradeplatz
(Inside Paradeplatz was sued by Credit Suisse in 2022 for its critical reporting, that makes it more credible than the rest of the Swiss press :slight_smile: ),
Well, the Swiss justice arms don’t reach to the X yet:

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There are few things worse than being a whistleblower in Switzerland. Maybe hanging up the clothes to dry on the balcony on a Sunday, but…no, whistleblower is worse.

The fun thing of these recordings is showing that equality has been achieved. Congrats everyone. Women can behave the same as good ol boys club :slight_smile:

I feel sorry for the whistleblower. Thanks for his service, but his life around here is screwed up.

I don’t know about any of this or why this was posted. All I know is that I would take anything from “Inside Paradeplatz” with a dump truck of salt.