Swiss unemployment


Looking for help on unemployment and how it works here in Switzerland.

My contract recently ended and finding new work has been more challenging than expected.

A friend suggested as I have been working here for two years than I am eligible for unemployment support.

Thankfully my wife is still working, and the rent is covered for now.

I would like to understand if I am actually eligible and the how I go about making an application.

I am based in Uster, so assume there I go my local Gemeinde office?

I would like to also understand if my finances are also reviewed as part of the application (account balances at the time of application). In the UK, so was not able to apply for any benefit as I had over a specific amount in the accounts.

Thank you emphasised text

Just check the RAV in your town. Iā€˜d say that you are eligible.

Good luck!

Thanks, so just the local Gemeinde ?

RAV Uster . Brunnenstrasse 1
8610 Uster ZH. 043 258 43 43