Switzerland off the beaten path....insider tips

There are many places in Switzerland that aren’t still on the radar for tourists but are lovely locations to visit.

One of my favourite places here is Sent, GR. The village is like a fairytale and the locals appreciate the beauty and culture of its community. If I were to buy a holiday flat, it would be there.

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The villages in GR are amazing. Last summer we spent one week in Reka holiday colony in Scuol (neighboring village to Sent). In one week we:

  • went hiking in Scuol several times (the kids were very motivated with an amazing Burger with black buns and sweet potato french fries in the restaurant at the top station)
  • hiked in Swiss National Park - the oldest national park in the Alps and central Europe
  • visited Guarda village, where Schellen-Ursli was filmed. There is a Schellen-Ursli museum with admission free of charge.
  • went to Samnaun und did the Walk of Lyrics hike on the Austrian side
  • hiked to the nearest ranch for the August 1 brunch
  • had an August 1 dinner in Reka with dishes from local cuisine
  • went to mineral baths in Scuol.

We wanted to do more, but the weather was not always cooperating. Unfortunately, we didn’t go to Sent, but to me all the villages in GR look so beautiful, so authentic. I can’t resist taking photos of every house and every fountain.

Engadin is an amazing region. Maybe not so close to the rest of the Switzerland, but once you are there you have so many places to visit by foot, by car and also by public transport.


I have the impression that with most places I go for hiking in Switzerland, within a few minutes from the parking or even a ropeway station people scatter and I can enjoy nature.

Of course, there are some spectacularly isolated areas. Weisstannental in SG one of them, but requires some serious hiking to explore. GR is essentially empty for large parts, same for UR and GL.


Another seriously beautiful area that one can do by bike is:

Ofen Pass to St. Maria via Val Mora. Val Mora is a remote valley that feels like a part of Wyoming within the Swiss Alps. Absolutely stunning.

Switzerland off the beaten path: the Herzroute (bike paths) Gotthelf 60 km loop. Make sure your batteries are charged for this one because you‘ll be dealing with hills, backroads and back country. Stunning and quintessentially Swiss. The farms are gorgeous and the back country is something you may never have seen before.

Also worth visiting:
-Lutzelflüh: home of Gotthelf

  • Trachselwald: cool castle tower with cells still in tact.

Herzroute Gotthelf Schleife: 60 km
Starting in Langnau i E.


I’m not sure whether you forgot to put a link in for route details.

It’s here

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Thanks, Tom!

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