Tesla EV discussion

Just placed an order for a standard range Tesla Model Y before Elon removes the indicator stalks (Model Y refresh next year). The recent price cuts and 0% finance seemed to good an opportunity to pass up.

Time will tell if I haven’t made a massive error :grinning:

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Congrats. You just have got used to the size and use the Vision-only parking “sensors” more of a guidance and guesstimate than a gospel.

If you can charge at home most of the time, it’s an absolute no-brainer.

Matrix Light should be available in the next 3-6 months, and a wiper-update is apparently in the works that will fix them for good (so claims a Tesla employee).

Apparently, there was a lot of rain in California recently, so they should be motivated to fix it. :wink:

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Unfortunately that isn’t an option according to my landlord, so I’ve already accepted that it’ll only be marginally cheaper to run than my current ICE car.

Ah, so you’re renting.

I managed to squeeze my apartment-purchase before my Tesla purchase…

I shared the cost of installation of a single wallbox with a neighbor and we share a set of NFC cards.
Each month, he sends me a list of charges that occurred on my card and then I go and calculate what I owe him and either hand it to him in cash or via bank transfer.

If we didn’t do that, we’d have to engage some 3rd-party billing service that would charge us for the privilege.

I am incredibly lucky to have only great neighbors (who either don’t care about EVs or already own a hybrid and are looking forward to buying an EV).

Maybe you can find a public charger in your vicinity?

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Fortunately I have plenty of those as I’m in the middle of the city, plus I have a Tesla Supercharger a short drive away. I guess the bigger question is whether only DC fast charging could degrade the LFP battery faster than slower AC charging?

It undoubtedly will. However, it is said that deterioration over time (of LFP batteries in particular) is actually a bigger factor in most cases than by charging.

Not sure if charge-speed nerfing is still done with the LG batteries:

Well done. Delighted with my Y Long Range. Midnight Cherry Red from Berlin. Not sure about my white seats, Look a bit pimpish. You should look into wheel covers. They protect the rims and look a bit better than the standard ones.


Without the white seats, the MCR is a bit too dark, IMO.
This combo with the white seats would also be my dream.

Red and white is a winning combo, I wanted to keep mine as cheap as possible so went with the ubiquitous white paint + white interior as the only option added.

It should make it easier to find mine in a Zug car park :wink:

This new forum is great fro uploading photos!


Where did you get those wheel covers AbFab? :+1:

Direct from China from AliExpress. They have a huge range. Took about 3 weeks to deliver. They cost CHF65 for 4 plus CHF130 postage!

I guess that is to avoid import duty…

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Strictly speaking import duty should be charged including shipping costs…

Yeah, that’s what I also wondered. It’s not that customs service is stupid.

That’s assuming they declare the CHF 130 postage on the package. To be honest CHF 65 for a set of wheel covers is not that unreasonable. There are similar ones on Amazon.de for €90


For those ordering a Tesla the entire experience may be a little disconcerting if you’re only used to traditional dealers. It is extremely barebones and you get the impression that you’re all on your own.

So for context I ordered online the model, colour etc… I wanted on the 19th Feb, paid my CHF 250 deposit and sat back thinking it would be 2-3 weeks. It was assembled at Giga Berlin on the 21 Feb and arrived in Switzerland on the 26th. The VIN number suddenly appearing on the app. Given the 6-8 month delivery window of a Volvo EX30 this is all pretty impressive.

So this is when an automated server starts bombarding you with texts and emails telling you to complete a number of steps e.g. apply for leasing, car insurance, wait for the cars papers in the post, take those to the road traffic office to collect your plates etc… All the while they are pushing you to book a narrow collection slot (just two days offered) from some collection centre in Bassersdorf ZH. If you don’t play ball they will re-assign you a new VIN and push your delivery date back.

Having written all that, I’m fine with it. There is a certain transparency and honesty with their operations :+1:

There’s a checklist:


Someone translated it to English further down the thread.

Be sure to arrive with this list mounted on a clipboard and a bright flashlight so they know right away you mean business :grinning:

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Bassersdorf is where I picked mine up. It’s a bit of a windy barn. Not a plush dealership of yore.
The Strassenverkehrsamt were very helpful and it took a couple of minutes to check the paperwork and issue a new grey book and stamp the old one with an expiry date when I was due to collect the new Tesla.
Don’t be rushed or dazzled at Bassersdorf. It’s also fairly dark indoors and you may want to check the car in day light.
They and I forgot the winter wheels and I had to go back for them,
Tesla’s sales model is sadly the future and in 10 years the whole motor trade will be very similar. Dealers are doomed. Our local VW dealership, a place of marble, glass and chrome with a few million francs worth of stock, new and used, is finding life difficult already…


Yup, I will do that, apparently the quality out of Berlin is not on par with Shanghai. Berlin must have sounded cool to Elon, but it doesn’t exactly have the proud car building heritage of Baden-Württemberg, Wolfsburg etc…