TGIF. Hoch die Hände. Wochenende! (Thank God it's Friday/Raise your hands, it's weekend)

What the heck. It´s Friday so here, have a look at what Slammer thinks is fun to watch:

…is it just me or does anybody else hear the Ompah loompah song in the big boot dance?

Hm, you do know this is the ENGLISH forum, yes? Why put the title in German?

TGIF = Teilweise gut in Form. (or Thank God it’s Friday)

To get you monoglots thinking.

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I thought TGIF was pretty clear.

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That reminds me of good old Charlie…

… and of course of this eyecandy …

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Never seen it before so … nope. Most of these shortenings go right over my head and I have to google to find out what they’re even supposed to be. :crazy_face:

As a courtesy could posters please provide an English version?

I almost ignored this thread.

I am shocked, I thought that knowing TGIF stands for “thank god it´s friday” is common.
So I promise IBMCIF… I´ll be more careful in future.
So now I have to RTFM, so that I don´t have a ID:10T error while being the PEBCAC on a new printer.

I thought TGIF was a pretty common English acronym too and didn’t think twice about it.
I guess the German part put people off…

That’s my meaning :grin:


Yeah, TGIF even predates the age of internet terms like ROFL, LOL etc. There’s even a restaurant chain of that name in the UK (and US apparently) - been around for at least 30 years.

The one in the USA is called TGI Friday’s. It used to be an okay place to gather for happy hour drinks with friends, but the competition has pushed it aside and now there aren’t as many locations.

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Yeah, that’s what I was referring to. Was quite big in the UK, a number of locations in the London area, back in the 1990s. I recall a huge stack of onion rings…

I don’t recall much…:wink: