Thank you the TPG tram driver

in Geneva, at College Sismondi stop at 17:46 heading from Nations towards the town.

For literally saving the baby's and the mother's life. Over the pouring rain, the young lady just jumped in front of your moving tram, probably running thru the rain, crossing double set of tracks and not slightly realising that the tram was incoming.

You managed to stop it. You may have touched her back, nonetheless she quickly continued over the next crossing almost hitting another car and stopped shortly to recuperate. She gestured, clearly distressed, and while you kept ringing she just left.

I still see your shocked face and the two minutes it took you to get together before continuing like nothing ever happened is nothing. As for the young lady, don't blame her, hopefully she has learnt her lesson. Most importantly, she and the baby were hopefully heading home where someone is surely awaiting for them, and they are probably there by now.

It could have been so different if it wasn't for your reaction.

I don't think you will ever read this, but I just needed to tell this somewhere.

Thank you again, you, the hero.