The big one

A 5.5 on the Richterscale has hit the eastern seaboard of the US. A whole lot of shaking going on in New York.
Looks like the earthquake wave is traveling around the globe, just wait until it hits the San Andreas… Just when you thought you had a handle on 2024!

Russian Telegram channels sometime are funny…one suggested that when the russkis play kazachok in moscow, NY and Taipei shiver.

Shake rattle and roll.

Точно! :slight_smile:

Too lazy to run it through a translator

C’mon…were all friends here. Don’t tell me that you’re pro-russkis while not being at least partly russki? I will be seriously disappointed.

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Gaburko… you do know that I have Blackburn running through me like lettering through a stick of Blackpool rock?
Now I like Russia, I have spent quite some time in Russia but hat is neither here nor there.
So what gives Gaburko?

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Yeah, that now makes sense.

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Slammer scratches his head in confusion.

Which years were you there? We might have overlapped in Moscow.

1995 to 1996. Then 2005 and on and off until 2012, shortly before going to CH. Six months in Armenia. On and off in Ukraine and I love Sochi.
Got stranded in Kursk when the Tupolew ran out of fuel on the way to Moskau, the captain had a whip-round until he had enough to flag down another airliner willing to sell surplus fuel that was syphoned off.
Exchanged 1000. €‘s to Rouble with the mafia. Was installing a printer in a Kloster and a few days later a priest came running white as a ghost. Slammer… The mafia wants to speak to you…
A sentence you don’t want to hear.
But he only wanted to know if there was something else he could do for us.
What HE wanted is another story…