The EV thread

We need a general, non-Tesla specific EV thread as more and more manufacturers start producing EVs.

There are people mentioning other manufacturers’ EVs in the Tesla thread so perhaps those posts could be moved here by a mod.

(If people disagree then we can just delete this thread).

I’m going to start with this one which is such a good looking run-around from the Netherlands and is probably more in the way we should be thinking about cars - i.e. small, as most journeys are less than 15km.

The Carice TC2


Don’t even consider the opinion of influencers or even worse, people quoting influencers.

mobility has EVs available for rent on major trains stations around Switzerland. Renault Zoe, Tesla Model 3, VW ID3 and others. Do the test drive in your own terms.

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Or this


Don’t know how to put a photo in, but we test drove this Kia EV9 SUV tonight. I am quite taken with it, but its much bigger than we will need going forward. Huge amounts of space for anyone that does need that sort of capacity. It’s a 7 seater. I have never driven an electric car before but I was very impressed with its handling.

Saw this adorable thing last weekend in the Silbertal, ridden by a guy who must have been 85 and was picking up a case of beer. It’s classed as a bicycle in AT.

Somehow I can imagine an E-TukTuk, or an E-APE as being the ideal electric car.

Find it on the internet, right click and copy. Come back to forum and paste.


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I have to say I like it. Not a family car tho…:frowning:

In say fifteen years from now we might buy one but then it looks like a car for young people…lol

Looks very cute…and very like a 50s Porker cabriolet. The colour would go with my house shutters, too. Hmmm…

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It looks like a pedal car for 8 year olds.

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Which team do you support?

Team happy little bug-eyed cabrio (even in race trim)?

Team angry little cabrio that just burned the church behind?

It’s really funny how a bunch of design fall between these extremes :laughing:


I think it looks cute… :joy:

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Like this one too, I guess:

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More like this:

To clean things up there should probably be an EV category with 3 sub categories

  • Retro-mod or kit EVs
  • Non-Tesla EVs
  • Tesla EVs

5m long, 13m turning cycle and weighs 2.6 tons unladen. Consumes an absurd 35 kWh per 100km which reduces range to 285 km despite the giant 100 kWh battery. And I bet that in 80% of the time it transports only one person and one clean conscience.


Children are the future…

Students build 1,600-mile EV with 15.5kWh battery


It’s shorter that very common VW Transporters carrying 1 person in Switzerland. So, far from being the worst offender in the streets.

Turning radius intrigues me, does anyone besides postal workers and pizza couriers care about it? Maybe it mattered several years ago, these days the medieval parts of towns and cities are pedestrian zones. So, the answer is not a car with very tight turning radius but not car at all. If you want a car, you don’t live there.

Good article in The Atlantic [gift article, hope it works] on the industrial politics of EVs. US-focused, but generally also applies to Europe.

Oh dear … I do hope you haven’t lost your lunch on my account … my conscience is clear, we won’t be buying it. I could see it being an option for large families though.