The Great Filter

Ok…! I´ll bite.
Something that is bothering me is that we are now entering a time in our history where the wardrums are being beaten on a daily base, along with a looming catastrophic deterioration of our biosphere and the ending of a reliable and cheap energy source. It is a time where we seem to be reverting to our roots as a highly tribal and aggressive predator monkey set to wipe out our veneer of civilization in order to see who has the biggest dick.
Now there is the theory of the “Great filter”

And the question is: Are we right now living through it? Are we past it? Or is it still ahead?
Imagine being the only intelligent lifeform in an infinite universe and we kill ourselves one way or another because the ice age monkeys simply can´t get along with each other.

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I think this deserves its own thread within the debate corner maybe with the title “End of Times : Great Filter Theory” or something like that. At the moment it is in the introductory thread of the debate corner. Incidentally, I’ve never heard of this particular argument but may spend a few minutes scanning over it.

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I suspect that there are multiple Great Filters. Getting to basic life itself, then the leap to multi-cellular life, then having robust life forms e.g. with immune system is IMO a very big one. Personally, I think the biggest filters are behind us.

I skimmed over this a bit too fast and read “fillers”, “veneers” “biggest dick” and “kardashian” and got completely the wrong end of the stick about this thread.

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Me too.

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It’s Friday and I’m in a comfortable armchair and I just made a tea. That means I’m a qualified psychologist.

Get therapy! It seems you’re having issues with being at peace with your own mortality. We all are going to die, but our fellow younger humans, the Earth and the Universe will be fine.

Are you happy with the concept of death, or better being dead?
I know there is no afterlife and it will then as it was before I was born. Non existence is a hard thing to grasp, you are here for a few short years then no longer until the universe simply dissipates.
Can´t say I require therapy, it is just annoying that one day I won´t be able to “see what is around the next corner” so to speak.