*** The PC Gaming / PC Building Thread ***

I have been a PC gamer since I was knee high to a grasshopper, and despite the insane increase in graphics cards prices in the last 3 years, I am still building my own PC's and still loving gaming. This also took a new turn last year when I discovered VR (Virtual Reality) which has quite literally opened up a whole new perspective.

Current PC specs are:

RTX4090 AND 5800X3D 32GB RAM Meta Quest Pro VR Headset

Games I am currently playing and loving:

Baldurs Gate 3 (Dungeons & Dragons RPG, possibly the best game release of the last 5-10 years). Skyrim VR (basically a fantasy simulator and looks amazing in VR with mods) Fallout 4 VR (the post-apocalyptic version of Skyrim) Half Life: Alyx VR (probably the most impressive VR game ever made) Star Wars Squadrons VR (very decent space dogfighting sim) Resident Evil 7 & 8 VR (scary as hell in VR and really gives me the heebie jeebies) Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (strategy game where you build kingdom and command armies) Total War Warhammer 3 (strategy game where you command lots of armies)

So, feel free to discuss your current or planned PC build and any games you are currently playing or wanting to play.

Older ARPG games - Titan Quest and Grim Dawn. Titan Quest II was announced the other day, but when it’ll release we don’t know yet.

City builders - again mostly old - Zeus: Master of Olympus, Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom and Children of the Nile. Still in early access is Farthest Frontier, but it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been playing it since alpha testing started.

reddit community is more appropriate to discuss PC builds as for any configuration you’re looking at someone has already tried it and can give you first hand experience details here’s mine PC

I’m playing mainly during winter days. The Witcher 3 is my all time favorite. It’s really enjoyable to play again after a few months I guess I’ve got still so much to discover in this game.

Why did you go for 48gb modules over 64gb?

If an EF'er doesn't have a Reddit account then this is as an appropriate place as any to discuss PC builds, I'm sure there are some knowledgeable people on here that can give advice.

I completed Witcher 3 and enjoyed it but oh man that game was a a bit of a grind and after so many hours in it I just wanted it to end, then every time I thought it was about to end another part of the story came up. They could have cut about 15 hours of those pointlessly long cutscenes, where characters just look at each other while saying very little, and it would still have been amazing. I will never go back and play it again unless I have the urge to finish the DLC.

Never got very far with Witcher 1 myself. Got stuck trying to kill some things underground somewhere so couldn’t progress plus the fact I couldn’t seem to improve the awful starting weapon I had in any way I said enough, uninstalled and never looked back.

Try Baldurs Gate 3 it may reinvigorate your interest and give you something to do in the upcoming bad weather.

I’ve seen some streamers playing it and I can’t say it appeals to me much.

I’ve already got plenty to do playtesting Farthest Frontier and there’s what sounds like a really big patch for Grim Dawn on the horizon with lots of changes. Not to mention moderating on various forums and discords.

There's no 64GB modules, at lest these were not available few months ago. In fact the high density ram chips are 24GB in contrast to classic chips of 16GB. When soldered on double sides it makes 48GB DIMM.

I needed more than 64GB total memory and any 4 DIMMs combination with 79xx ryzen were a miss, so I was looking at the buildapc thread for long until this came up. It's not my post, I just replicated that exact setup and I'm really happy with it. Now I have even more RAM than I need, but that's OK

It's very subjective what attracts our attention. I absolutely enjoy the game and every time I play it again I discover something new. The world is so immersive that many times I just stop following the quests to roam around freely, wherever my eyes desire to go, exploring forests, random villages, etc. I am a fan of The Witcher stories. I've read all the books long ago and the game(s) certainly weren't disappointing. The only games I played so much in the past were Starcraft and Heroes III.

I thought that the success of The Witcher 3 was due to the expertise of the game house so I was looking forward for any new game from them, but the Cyberpunk 2077 was a miss. I tried a few times "to enjoy it", but it didn't click, so I just abandoned that game.