Tips for filtering out jobs that require proficiency in German?

Hi all, just came across this forum and had a brief rummage around so apologies in advance if this question is redundant.

Despite 300 days of Duolingo and an A1.1 course at the Goethe Institut in the books, it is going to take years of formal learning and immersion for my German to get to professional working capability.

I was wondering if you have any tricks for filtering out jobs that require fluency in German from searches on job portals like LinkedIn, Jobs.CH, etc. I have tried the language filters on the latter but they only include languages, rather than exclude non-selected ones, so even if you filter by English you will see the vast majority of results list it alongside the local language. Searching with key words like ‘English’ or ‘English speaking’ runs into the same issue. Any other job hunt tips would be very welcome as well of course.

I am super lucky to be an EU citizen but am not finding it easy to get a job. I have 5 years of experience in digital consulting with several certifications and am casting a wide net including roles in Business Development, Relationship Management, IT, HR, etc. Recently I have had the deflating news that the two most promising leads, the only opportunities where I was at final interview stage with two global players in their respective industries, have recently been cancelled or postponed due to ‘market factors’ right at the finish line.

Vielen dank!

I don’t think there’s a certain way of doing but since the job market is so small and considering that your professional areas rather do require the local language knowledge most of the time, maybe it’s a better idea to apply everywhere you could even if the job ad is in German and the expected German proficiency is declared? In Switzerland job ad requirements tend to be less relaxed but still it would increase chances I think.