Travelling in Switzerland


I will be travelling with my dog in December 2024. We are exploring the possibility of moving to Switzerland. Hope to get some useful tips for my travels and to also hopefully contribute to this forum.

Thanks everyone

Although Switzerland is a small country it has diverse regions. See

It is quite difficult to get permission to live here if you do not hold a Swiss or EU countrypassport. There are a number of threads here on the subject. Just do a search.

Thanks for the heads up

Essentially: as a non-EU citizen you would most likely be able to obtain a work permit only if you have niche skills and your potential employer can demonstrate why their hiring you would benefit Switzerland. Alternatively, you could apply for a non-working permit which would be granted only if you can demonstrate that you are wealthy enough, by Swiss wealth standards.

Retiring to Switzerland…itzerland.html…-ur-gl-ow.html…itzerland.html…t-pitfall.html…itzerland.html

Pardonnez moi, but why would you subject your dog to such a trip on a recce??

Might want to research what it takes to import an animal (even a visitor) to CH...

Here is official Swiss government info on travelling with a pet.…eimtieren.html
Scroll down to “Entering Switzerland”.