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I guess you are not the crowd for this, but nevertheless let me ask. I need to burn some money and have my car pimped. Can anyone recommend a good reliable tuning shop in the Zurich area? Want to install new exhaust system with diffusor which probably also requires some body work (bumper cuts) and solid gluing. Optics are meant to be subtle and understating, nothing loud.

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No idea about Zurich, but have you thought this through properly? Anything fitted that’s non-standard will need to be TÜV approved in order to get through the MFK. Owners of cars going round with loud (or any non-standard) exhausts must remove them and refit the standard one for the test, and accept that they’re always open to prosecution should they be stopped by a keen police person.

Yeah, thanks.

I’m no expert haha I just got installed an anhängerkupplung to carry bicycles in a car not used normally to carry bicycles :smiley: There are some fun cuts on the rear diffuser, I take a photo later.

This is the garage https://www.mobilhotz.ch/ They also do chip/ECU tuning, so I guess they have an open mind in spite of not being a shop with tuning in their name.

TĂśV is not regulatory agency. The noise standards are set by the European Union, so directive EC 97/24, regulation No. 134/2014 or regulation No. 168/2013 for road cars.

Usually, mechanics write a letter declaring which parts they installed, that the parts they installed meet EC regulations and that’s it. The mechanic takes the responsibility of the modifications. So…this has a price. This price is the reason people modifies their cars at home, no papers to show to the police or exhausts that allow to bypass the emission reduction devices and you read articles about autoposers on 20min next Monday.

I refrain from writing my thoughts on the system, because noise seems no to be the issue. It’s something else.

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The parts I am looking to have installed have a EU conformity certificate issued by the manufacturer and are perfectly legal. It is astonishing what kind of nonsense some people write. I am simply looking for a shop that does that kind of tuning work regularly.

You have a trailer hitch on your M4??? :eyes:

Well in all fairness using the word “tuning” might bring up some knee jerk reactions.
The only thing we have ever done was to install a roof bike rack and I think you don’t need a certified mechanic for that.

I think I found one that looked competent. MS-Style Tuning GmbH - Fahrwerkprofi in der Schweiz

The exhausts all have EC documents and they don’t even have to be entered in your registration. Diffusor needs to be approved at MFK. Same for the new rims.

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Yes, but it’s only legal to carry bicycles. Connecting a trailer would be outside of the law. Crazy plan for this year is sleeping a night or two on the space created when the rear seat is removed. If it works well…I got a roofless camping car that can carry my mountain bike :slight_smile:

Back to the exhaust, noise gets tiresome after a while. But there’s another kind of noise that got my attention: intake noise. Neighbor below installed this thingy in his no-road-salt car during the winter. I just listened to it in the garage and mmmmmmm. I’m waiting for sunnier days so I can I ask for a ride a listen to it in the real world.

Hey komsomolez,

if you let us know the brand, it might be easier to recommend something as there are quite a few places around and they tend to focus on certain segments of the market.

For most cases, all can help out, but if you’d like something more specific or good advice and/or parts best to go with someone that knows the car and the usual proceedures.

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