Twifi- home internet

Hello All,

I came across this company recently, searching for a home internet provider.

They use sim card and tap into the Salt or Sunrise 4G network through a plug in router. No minimum contract commitment. CHF 29.00 / Month. It seems too good to be true - anyone here have any experience with them or anyone similar?

Thanks in advance!!

I have a sim from digital republic for home internet. It's just another low cost internet provider that runs over the Sunrise 5G network. During the day I get 20-30 Mbps down/up. A bit higher in the evenings.

It's far from the offered 300 Mbps, but it's 15 CHF/month and enough to work from home.

I might get the external antenna for the 5G router later this year just for curiosity. I want to test if having better reception improves data transfer.

Thanks! will look into digital republic too!

They plant trees for referrals, apparently.

Otherwise gomo might be worth a look or look at teleking for fixed internet.

300Mbits is 30 a month now.

Thanks !!

is it a fair comment to say the reseller / partner (?) plan for ISP offers better deal (no min. contract, better offer)??

I was on internet over 5G (sunrise) Changed to a copper cable connection - a different world. Now I can stream soccer and rugby no problem

yallo go max, I'm lucky living close to unoccupied 5G tower, ~500Mbps download, took it on black friday for 19 chf/m lifetime

Prices go up an down all the time: summer sales, black friday, christmas..whatever. I bought a bundle of sim + 5G modem. 1 year of theoretical 300Mbps internet was 180 CHF

Good tips! streaming sport is very important in our house!

Not dismissing as too good to be true but on checkout you are required to tick boxes agreeing to ....terms and conditions + identity check

no details/ links to either as far as i could see...

Marketing ... “ With the help of artificial intelligence we offer the most suitable product for you. Simply use our live location network check.” is vague.

Cynical , but isn’t this a box with a Salt/Sunrise Sim card that creates a hotspot?

No different from what you can do with phone ?


I can't see the point of the Twifi offerings.

The combination of:

a) using a sim card from Digital Republic, and

b) just buying an LTE (or 5G) router

costs less and comes with no longterm commitments.

Are you able to sports stream using a sim? 4g or 5g was lousy for me, only worked with a cable connection.

It works on our previous residency. Effing occasionally, 2-3 times per month.

I'm up for sim+router solution, co-habitant prefer cable as for home-working and sport. Still debating...