Uetliberg Felsenegg Hike Mobility Question


If anyone has done the Uetliberg hike from the top viewpoint , I have a question regarding any steepness or stairs. I want to take some visitors to the top but then depart on the hike to Felsenegg from there.

I have attached 2 screen grabs looking at google maps where it seems to show stairs from the Uetliberg viewing point down towards the UTO Staffel restaurant.

I ask because I have a mobility issue (not wheelchair only a crutch used sometimes.) and alot of stairs is difficult. Its hard to tell that portion that runs from the top of the viewing point is rather steep and or alot of stairs. An incline or descending ramp like path would be ok.

The rest of the hike seems to be very doable.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


The first bit down has steep and narrow stairs but it's easy to miss that bit out and go down the road a bit and take next path on the left which will join the other one after around 300m.

There's two ways from the tower to the restaurant. One via the steps and one going back towards the train station and then down the path, which is wide and doable for the majority of people. I've done Uetliberg Felsenegg many times in both directions and there's always a wide variety of people doing it. Just take it easy.

Last time I was there (3 weeks ago) the path via the steps was closed down for maintenance, so you might have to take the easy route anyway.

The following path is a is a designated Mobility Hike Route:


It looks like the steep route with steps is still closed.

In general, a solid line on the Swiss Topo Map is a farm/forrest track at least 2m wide with (usually) gravel surface where you still could drive a car. See photos in above link. A path with long dashes is an overgrown track, and one with short dashes a hiking path where anything goes.

Follow the planetweg trail - This avoids some of the steeper parts of the paths along this route. It also ends at the restaurant just after the cable car giving you an easy route down towards Adliswil train station and a chance to stop for a beer .

The steepest part of the walk is at the beginning as you make the downhill section from the top of Uetliberg. So if you can manage this part you will be OK for the rest of the trail.

Do be aware that there are no easy self-outs from the trail and you need to make it to the end for the easy descent in the cable car.

There is narrow path from the tower directly down to near Albisguetli, it is called the Denzlerweg. I've only ever gone up there as I consider it ever for an abled person quite dangerous to descend. It has no outs except near the bottom.

Closed because of rockfall according to the Swisstopo app.

Want to thank everyone for the quick and informative replies. Much appreciated. Will give it a go with alot of planning and breaks weather permitting.