UK elections

Huge Tory losses, 10 councils, everybodyelse gained, not just Labor

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The media-round Tory stooges yakking on about Rwanda and the £900 tax cut is hilarious. Sunak should just rip the bandaid off and call the GE. They’re toast.

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They grow ever more desperate while the country just limps on, falling further into disrepair by the day.

It is not really agreat result for Labour, so far they won less than half the seats lost by the Tories

Here is a link with results live updates

Local elections though - those votes for the ‘lesser’ parties will often go to their normal homes come the GE.

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Examples, too, like Teeside where the Con mayor is Sunak’s current PR life-raft but polls strongly show that in a GE the vote will go to Labour. Houchen has won it on a popularity vote despite and not because of the Tories.

Those voters did leave the Tories this time despite voting for them in earlier local elections.

Still, the point remains.

They will be savaged come the GE.

What’s surprising? Voters are looking for something else. The torries who promised honey and milk post brexit, but failed miserably and labour who are still an incompetent and intrinsically antisemitic party are not drawing enough voters?

Sadly, labor will win and then the laughably incompetent Sunak will seem like a Churchill. End of story.

Voters are typically prioritising UK based issues, though. NHS, schools, cost of living, housing, utilities/services, international trade, etc., having been screwed over for the past 14 years by the Tories.

Anyone I’ve talked to is just fed up of being mugged off by an incompetent shower. It goes deeper than Brexit.

Highly symbolic that BoJo imposed the voter ID system in 2019 then turned up to vote on Thurs with none of his own. Tried to push his way through with a crappy envelope bearing his name and address.

It’s this ‘do as I say and not as I do’ schtick that pisses people off.


I got fed up being screwed by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s governments when they were giving people something for nothing like working and child tax credits, also letting housing benefit be paid to tenants instead of their landlords. Brown was my MP and when he bangs on about child poverty in The Guardian every few weeks I want to scream, because from where I’m sitting he made things a lot worse. Half of his old constituency don’t work (we’re on the third and fourth generations of welfare claimants now), whilst the rest are paying for them. It is depressing visiting my home town now, if I didn’t have the problem of the house we own that subsided I wouldn’t go back there.

I used to do voluntary work with a housing charity when Labour were in government, dealing with young single mothers on benefit was soul destroying due to their level of entitlement. We had one girl who turned down the keys to a very nice furnished flat because in her opinion she couldn’t take a baby to that property because she thought she’d be getting all new IKEA stuff.

I left school under a Labour government (James Callaghan was PM) and there are women I left with who got pregnant as teenagers and just went on welfare benefits, in their 60s now and have never had jobs. One had children by different fathers by the time she was 18 because Labour made it easy, she got a 2 bed flat, furniture and carpets from the council.

However, I agree the current shower in Westminster need to go now as they are a total joke. Sunak et al are all useless, Johnson was a nightmare with a huge ego who wasn’t PM material.

An even bigger joke is the Scottish Government, I like to think Swinney as First Minister is just the pallbearer leading the SNP to their funeral. They make me worry about the future of poor old Scotland as I’ll have to retire there assuming I don’t win megabucks on the Lottery. The SG was a terrible legacy on Blair’s part, he thought it would keep Scotland voting for Labour but it backfired spectacularly and now we’ve got things going on like alleged embezzlement of party funds, allegations of sexual misconduct, a dodgy motor home purchase and all sorts.

Gosh, I’ve just realised I feel a bit ranty today :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

UK General Election called for July, bye bye Sunak.


The drama is, as bad as Sunak is, labor are truly dismal. Dark times ahead.

How so?

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Yes out of the blue Rishi Sunak has called for a British General Election to take place on Thursday 4th July.
The comedy has started already with Larry the Cat taking one look at the rain before bolting back indoors through the door of No 10.
Whereas Rishi had to put up with the rain & loud music during his election speech drowned out by someone with a Ghetto Blaster playing Labours election anthem from D; Reams 1993 hit called “Things Can Only Get Better” as heard on the video below.

In fact when you come to think about it the British General Election is a refreshing change from the Doom & Gloom that’s been dominating the International News scene like the War in Gaza, War in Ukraine, etc, etc, etc.
Perhaps there should be a new Nobel Peace Prize for the Country that’s produced unlimited comedy on the World stage beginning with Brexit, Boris Johnson with his Partying at Number 10 during lockdowns, show Putin Our Pecs at the G7, etc, etc.

I have a theory that this surprise call for an election in six weeks is designed to reduce the number of overseas voters since we will need to jump through extra hoops and be up against a clock.

And yet many of us are desperate to give the Tories a good spanking


I was thinking the call to do it now is for the simple reason that Sunak calculates that over the summer things won’t get any better neither on the national nor on the international fronts, so better cut your losses and lose badly, but expectedly rather than dismally bad.

Square One, please.

Already registered and submitted my proxy. :+1:t2: