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I absolutely love my ID card. But I have to admit that nobody has ever asked me to show it. That is except Easyjet.

I have to prove my age every time I buy alcohol


If there was a groan button I would groan you into the middle of next week for that comment….:laughing:

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Well here’s something that’s sure to make you and others groan and that’s the announcement that Jacob Rees-Mogg will soon be gracing our screens again ( well at least those who subscribe to the Discovery+ channel ) by opening the doors to his life at his 17th century Somerset house in “Meet the Rees-Moggs” yes Rees-Mogg will no doubt be living up to his reputation for living apart from the “hoy pollloi” together with his wife, six children, pets & Nanny. Those looking for an everyday story of privileged Somerset folk will be disappointed as it promises to be more Fawlty Towers than Downton Abbey.

There’s one thing for sure JRM’s Soiree into reality TV is hardly going to dent the viewing figures for fans of Clarkson’s Farm at Jeremy Clarksons farm down at ‘diddly squat’ on Amazon Prime, Lol.

Good thing you can pay at the Coop self-checkout Kasse then!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do you actually have to show your ID though?
I never have.

I’ve only ever seen youngsters been asked for id.

They still check age even at the self scan.

I think at our local Coop you have to introduce your birthyear yourself. (before, you had to ask someone to assist you but you can do it yourself now)

No, sad attemped joke

This happened to me yesterday, of course I’m not looking at the screen I’m looking around for someone to verify my age. Then the machine beeped at me and erased everything.

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I’d actually be interested to watch that to see how the other half lives.

The kid on the left looks like he’s about to go to Hogwarts to start his Wizardry training:


Actually now you come to mention it I think our coop has just recently introduced this as well.

It’s everywhere then…marton won’t be bothered by shop assistants asking him to prove he’s over 18…! :rofl:

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On the subject of ID’s those living in Spain or have lived in Spain, know full well that both Spanish citizens and Expats permanently resident in Spain need to show their ID card or at least quote their ID card number for these transactions:
FYI - For Spanish citizens it’s their DNI photo id cards. For non EU citizens resident in Spain it’s their TIE card and for EU citizens it’s their Green Resident card ( the only one of the 3 where photo id is absent & never expires ) which has their NIE number on it.

The transactions being the obvious ones like opening a new bank account, then the less obvious ones are receiving a parcel from the Spanish Post Office ( Correos ) & other parcel delivery companies might also need to know your DNI, TIE or NIE number on their Green resident card before handing over the parcel; purchasing certain goods and services and even using a discount coupon at Supermarkets in Spain, the checkout assistant will ask for your DNI, TIE or NIE number. Of course most people know their number ‘cross-by-heart’ and can recite it when needed making it unnecessary to show their card as well.

That sounds unnecessarily complicated.

In Spain it’s a fact of life, some say it’s a hangover from the days of Franco but who knows ? anyway the Spanish accept it as a normal.

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Really? I lived over 3 years in Spain and I do not recall being asked for my NIE in a supermarket even once. Maybe I’ve forgotten and indeed, I was carrying the card everywhere with me, but apart from alcohol purchases I just don’t remember showing it

In Finland I had to show two proofs of identity before being allowed to buy alcohol.

Reform UK voters going into meltdown after the appointment of a (gulp!) muslim as their party Chair. :rofl:

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Starmer is hosting the European Political Community (EPC) forum of Europe leaders in the UK today.

This forum started in 2022 and comprises 45 nations, Russia and Belarus were deliberately excluded from participation

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