UK SIPP provider suggestions?

A read through existing posts found by searching SIPP yielded two suggestions for SIPP providers:

Fundsmith Hargreaves Lansdown

Has anyone got additional providers I should look at?


The immediate impulse for moving a defined-contribution pension from the current provider (Aviva) was a letter stating that to implement an Aviva policy divesting from coal, weapons and tobacco production, tracker funds I hold in the pension would exclude some stocks and take a charge of about 0.04%. To avoid that charge I tried to search for other funds, but comparable funds have higher charges and Aviva's search tool for its funds annoyingly unhelpful.

I use HL, they are quite good but not the cheapest at 0.45% per year plus +£10 dealing fee.

Not sure a 0.04% charge (£400 per £million) would tempt me to move if everything else was running ok.

I also considered AJ bell and Vanguard but from memory I think UK residency was a requirement so these were impossible. You might come across this issue with many providers - please do let us know if you discover any others that accept new SIPP accounts (transfers) from non-UK residents.

I use AJ Bell (operates as YouInvest) and Interactive Investor - both work fine and both have no issues with me being resident in CH, and both are fairly cheap.

However I opened both before I left the UK - I cannot contribute new funds to them, but with the funds already there I do invest with additional restrictions.

As you are looking to move an existing DC this should not be an issue, but I could not say for sure.

I also use HL, and have for years. I agree with the previous poster that they are quite expensive, but I don't trade frequently in my SIPP, so it's not a big deal.

My biggest complaint with HL is around their reporting - it is geared around the UK tax-year, and there's not an easy way to report for a country that uses the calendar year as a basis for reporting.

would be interested to know what returns people are getting on their SIPPs as mine has generally been going backwards for the last few years despite increase in interest rates...