Unemployment in CH at historic lows

For once excellent news for workers. It seems it’s the right time to change jobs, for a higher income :smiley:

The average unemployment rate was 2.0 percent in 2023, as the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) announced.

The value is now lower than it has been since 2001. At that time the rate was 1.7 percent.

“The year 2023 was excellent,” summarized Boris Zürcher, head of the Labor Directorate at Seco, with a view to the labor market statistics. “Many labor market indicators are at historic lows or highs, depending on what exactly is at stake.”

This normalization should also ease the shortage of skilled workers somewhat. But it won’t solve the problem. In addition to the economic situation, there are also structural reasons for the shortage: model calculations show that significantly more people will retire in the coming years than new workers will enter the labor market. The peak of this development will not be reached until around 2030, according to Seco.

Are they trolling us =)

I tried to find a chart and this is the first one I found. Different numbers, but getting to 2001 figures would be a big drop indeed!


Another chart:

Monthly numbers here in the tab historique/historie . The lowest unemployment rate in the published numbers was 1.5% during May, June and July 2000. July 2023 the rate went down to 1.8% , 2.5% Jan 2024.The 2023 average is relatively low and close to levels not seen since the year 2000.


Now, time to update the prejudice (tab Vue d’ensemble/übersicht). It’s not always Jura. Basel City has as much unemployment as Jura and Geneva takes the 1st place at a time with historic lows in Switzerland.

Do you know if BS is a recent phenomenon (as in last 10 years). I know in the last 10 years there were huge layoffs in the pharma industry and I wonder whether that accounts for some of that.

The color in the charts is certainly a choice, what a choice: Bienvenue à Amstat.ch

Back to BS, nothing special. Uneymploment rate have been around 4% in the last 20 or so years.

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VD, NE, GE, isn’t it where taxes are at the highest? I remember watching some Swiss political panel, about 2 years ago, the NE candidate (can’t remember what party) when asked about the amount of taxes said that it’s not a problem, they don’t see any wave of business relocation from the canton…

And the SVP keeps telling us that Switzerland is full, no place for more migrants.