UV Protection for Windows

Dear all,

Slightly odd request, but we are looking for someone to come and install UV films on our windows in the Bern region. If you are wondering, we face the sun and sadly the bookshelf is taking the brunt of the sunlight and damaging books.

Anyone have tips/recommendations on companies that do that?

Many thanks!

Your local window installation company will most certainly offer something for $$$, but for an easy DIY solution you can buy UV protection film in the big hardware shops (Hornbach, Jumbo) and fit it yourself. You can cut it to size and it adhere to the window with a bit of water spray… It’s really simple to do

Wait what? I thought that UV can’t get through the glass, but apparently some spectrum still goes through

I wonder how much though gets through a modern triple layered window.

We have blazing sun up here in Siberia, so we DIYd all our west- and south-facing windows with film from this outfit:

It takes two people to do a flawless job, and the window glass must be absolutely clean. (I would not like to try it on a window larger than 100x200.) It makes a huge difference!

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This is really cool, they can make mat foils for screens, cut to mesure