Waiting for C renewal application canton Vaud

I did look at previous threads on renewals and I did not see a similar question.

My C permit expires 1.1.2024 but I have not received the renewal paperwork in canton Vaud. My elderly father in the USA has to have surgery in the first week of December and I would like to travel to be with him and help him during recovery, as I am his only family. I contacted Lausanne center for permits to explain the situation and to ask if they can help me to apply before I have to leave, given the circumstances. They said I had to wait

until I received the renewal information in the post and they also could not tell me if I would even get this by the beginning of December as it is computerized.

At this point, I am am thinking I have to return sooner than I would like, just to apply in time before their Christmas closure.

Does anyone know of any special process to apply for permit renewal or has had a similar problem.

thank you in advance.

By law, you can request renewal forms 90 days before the permit expiry; you shouldn't have to wait for them to send it to you. I have done this a couple of times in Zurich.

In Zurich, it is also possible to visit Migrationsamt to get a 90-day entry visa on the passport if you can't wait for a new permit to arrive. This costs a bit but could be an option too.

For information, I went in person to lausanne and it is not possible in canton Vaud to do it early. They were very nice, but said it is canton specific and in canton vaud it is not possible to do anything until the computer sends the renewal. thank you for your replies.