When AI makes product worse

I was relying on google translate a lot in my learning journey. Once I know a bit of the language I try to read a bit every day absorbing the language as it's used. I don't bother looking the individual words up in the dictionary, I much more prefer the exact translation of the sentence meaning... and here comes my biggest disappointment. A few years ago when I started learning French, it was fine to select a sentence or a paragraph to make it google translated and build up the "feel" of the words. Nowadays I'm learning German but translation is BROKEN It's no longer translating the source material but makes a summary of it, or say it in it's own words... especially when translating passages from literature, it's really useles. Let's say an excerpt from Harry Potter I've just googled out

""Up!" she screeched. Harry heard her walking toward the kitchen and then the sound of the frying pan being put on the stove. He rolled onto his back and tried to remember the dream he had been having. It had been a good one. There had been a flying motorcycle in it. He had a funny feeling he'd had the same dream before."

would be translated something like

"Harry was woken up abruptly"


just venting

Not sure what you are using, but...

Google Translate still (just) translates, you seem to be using some summarization tool.

Deepl is better

Result from google translate:

„Auf!“, schrie sie. Harry hörte, wie sie in Richtung Küche ging und dann das Geräusch der Bratpfanne, die auf den Herd gestellt wurde. Er rollte sich auf den Rücken und versuchte, sich an den Traum zu erinnern, den er gehabt hatte. Es war ein guter gewesen Eins. Darin war ein fliegendes Motorrad gewesen. Er hatte das komische Gefühl, dass er denselben Traum schon einmal gehabt hatte.“


I'll have to copy something I'm actually reading. Interesting, I wonder if the Google Translate app behaves the same as the web