Where to advertise furnished apt. in Turgi AG ?

Some friends have an owned apt. in Turgi (close to Baden - 5 minutes) that they would like to rent furnished . Given the pricing and the fact it is furnished, they are thinking that their best market would be someone working for one of the international companies in the Baden/Brugg area or possibly(less likely) Zurich. Possibly someone in CH for a 2-3 year posting or wanting some place to start before deciding on a final location to rent/buy.

It is a 4.5 room (133m2) built in 2010 with outdoor terrace, 2 bedrooms, 1 office/bedroom, 2 full bathrooms, 2 indoor parking places, in apt. washer/dryer etc.

Since it is in a building without young kids, it is most adapted to professional couples with eventually a teenage son/daughter. No animals which also restricts the market size.

The pricing with furniture is CHF 3'180 (renter pays heating and water) so it is a bit above the local market level for an unfurnished apt.

Their question is what local FaceBook groups, other places to post or companies (they are already planning to contact ABB) they should contact in priority.

They speak DE/EN/FR so they will have no problem explaining things to a prospective tenant.

Any hints / suggestions you might have would be most appreciated since this is the first time they are doing this.

ABB is a large-ish employer in Baden.

Yes, they were thinking of international companies that might have executives moving into the Swiss HQ for a period of time as the best fit.


Migros &Coop have notice boards

Why not contact Relocation companies?

PSI is another good candidate.