Where to buy a toilet auger?

I've been looking for a toilet auger everywhere to try and unclog my toilet without damaging the porcelain, however I can only find the regular drain snakes, which I've attempted to use and ended up mildly scratching my toilet in the process.

Can you point me out in the right direction? I contacted a plumber and they said it would cost 500-600 CHF to unclog a toilet, I would definitely prefer to avoid paying such a steep amount over unclogging one toilet.

Have you tried amazon.de?

I guess I’m not even sure what a toilet auger looks like, though. Something like this?:


Get this and blast it. Works on our toilet. Good for clearing blocked up sinks too.


I have only used the manual version of the compressed air method - a good old sink plunger. In both cases care will be required.

Or you get a variety of different types here: https://www.hornbach.ch/de/s/wc%20ro…gungswerkzeuge

Take my advice (I've been there too).

Call a plumber, it will be cheaper in the long run...