Who knows about goat?

So over the weekend, I cooked a shoulder of goat. I found a slow cook recipe but it didn’t work - took way too long (might have been my oven) , so then I increased the temp and finished it off. My husband really liked it, I wasn’t as fond of the meat. So I’m wondering if I should try different cuts. Any suggestions? I tend not to like things on the bone. I’m very fond of lamb chops and lamb nierstiuck for example

I did find a fabulous marinade with preserved lemon, garlic, onion, harissa. And that was good.

And we have had goat sate with a sweet soy marinade and lime and that was quite good.

This was my first gitzi purchase and was thinking I could have done better.


You’ve probably had goat before if you have been to Greece. In the countryside it is often served and lamb. The meat is so similar that with good preparation it is indistinguishable fromm lamb…

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It is said that the goat bleats twice. The second time is after the meal. And if you wake up with the bed covers floating under the ceiling then blame it on goat farts.

Meaning you have to cook the farts out of the goat and a crockpot or a Römertopf is a great way to start.

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@edot, did you marinate the meat before, and braise it? Kid has almost no fat, so it needs low, slow, and wet cooking. After that, you can finish it on the BBQ if you wish. We raised Nubians for 20 years, and I had to deal with the culls…


Yeah, I did low, slow and wet, but maybe my oven was a little too low. I’ll try it again.

You could also dump a lump in the rice cooker and have it bubble along in there. Try it , it works.

I had thought to use the pressure cooker. However the goat piece was too big. I think I need to look at a different cut of meat.

Goat has a much stronger taste than lamb, it’s not for everybody.

I ate some a few times with my ex family (Portuguese) as it seems to be a somewhat traditional Easter meat there (North of Portugal). It was definitely not shoulder, and I think they prefered kid meat,as it was way less chewy.

Goat (what I mean by that is actually kid meat) is not very different than lamb. I think I may like goat a bit more than lamb actually. Have rarely eaten it here, found 2 times at Lidl some time ago and it was leg if I remember correctly, which we cooked in the oven with lots of herbs and condiments, spring onion etc, garlic, white wine. Nothing really special.

It depends on the breed and what age it is killed. Most kid you buy in the market is a larger animal that’s had a chance to develop some gamey flavours. We used to kill ours very small (no sense in keeping a cull around long), and the meat was very tender…no herbs or condiments, garlic, etc. were used because the meat was so delicate–only white wine, S&P. Soaked it in milk for 24 hours before cooking. If we a were busy and left a cull too late, the boys would dig a pit and wrap it in banana leaves and bury it in the coals…kalua in an imu.


I agree, usually what you can find here is from a larger animal. If you want a tender goat meat you have to find a source like the farm you used to have…and willing to sacrifice those animals so early.
I think lamb meat is good enough here too and they also import a lot from New Zealand as far as I noticed.
Btw, I knew about buttermilk used for marinates for lamb and goat kid before cooking but never tried that myself.

Where did you get the meat from? I’d love to make a goat, or even a mutton curry.

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I got the goat from Fiechter at the oerlikon market. They are in Oerlikon on Saturday and helvetiaplatz in Zurich on Friday. They have lots of different and interesting meats. Topcc also had frozen gitzi - haven’t checked lately.