Why Did the Old English Swiss Forum disappear?

Would someone know why the old English Swiss forum ceased to function?

This site is great, but the other one had a wealth of information accumulated over the years.

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The company that owned it were shit, they just pulled the plug without warning. It wasn’t making them any money, but instead of trying to find someone to take it on they just switched it off.


Thanks for the info.

To be fair they gave a few days warning.

Just didn’t stick to what they said they were going to do though.

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And several people offered to buy the forum from them (myself included) along with the domain… but never got a response.

I know from other forums that were affiliated with “The Local” that they did the same. Just nuked the whole bally lot even though people offered to take over.
Seems that they totally failed to see that most people who read The Local were members of the forums.