Women’s separation and divorce support?

Hi, I’m asking for my wife. She has a friend that has separated from her husband and is in the middle of a messy divorce.

Is there a group that can help and advise her on La Côte, Romandie, Switzerland? She is Swiss/South African and speaks French and English fluently.

She has no money and is on social assistance. She has a lawyer but he (?) is young and inexperienced while his lawyer is much more experienced.

Any suggestions will be received with thanks.

She may or may not get any maintenance support.

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Does she have Facebook?
There is a group on there called Divorced/Divorcing in Switzerland or something like that.
Found it;

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Thanks to you both. We’ll pass the information to my wife’s friend.

If anyone else has any further suggestions I am happy to here them.

The Centre Social Protestant https://csp.ch/ (which is absolutely not religious, despite the name) provides free legal advice and general help for those situations. They heped me a lot during my first divorce.