Now they block the videos if one does not turn off the AdBlocker. Please boycott YouTube.

For me it works well with Brave browser.

On my phone Newpipe app also works w/o problems.

Or just pay for the premium and watch ad-free. I actually spend more time watching Youtube than "traditional" tv or streaming services, so well worth it.

Will try it.

Looks good. Even has VPN which can be useful sometimes. If you know what I mean

My version of Newpipe even cuts sponsor content from the videos.

Wow this Brave browser is awsome. F..k you tube and their abo!!

Why is Newpipe not available via Google Play?

Premium also gives you

-the option to shut your screen while a video is playing

- Free youtube music.

It's awesome !!

I'm using playtube from the android play store.

I turned the ad blocker on after getting sick of their dumb ads. Now I have no ads and no message comes up that I must turn off my ad blocker. Wierd.

Use a VPN to give yourself an Indian IP address, then go too Youtube and subscribe using your credit card and an indian address. Voila, Youtube Premium for a couple of francs per month and no VPN needed after the successful signup.

well I again use youtube with ad blocker and no notification to turn it off.

Not sooo awesome as you might think:…vpn-windows-11

I have simply disabled the VPN from Brave. No worries .

I have a Google account in a cheap country and pay just 2 Sfr for premium. Worth it.

Per week, per month, per year, one off????

Per month, as I wrote above. Youtube subscriptions are monthly, not weekly and never one-off (lol wouldn't that be nice).

There are some countries that offer yearly subscription.

Didn't YouTube ask for your credit card to be issued from India too? I tried this last month when my Turkish yearly subscription expired and it wouldn't let me. It was impossible to buy one from Turkey too, same issue with the credit card.

In the end I bought a monthly subscription from another country for CHF2.45/month.