Yuh bank account and travelling

A friend of mine told me about her Yuh account and debit card. Apparently it’s particularly great to use abroad as they have way less charges than a ‘normal’ visa or mastercard card linked to a traditional bank.

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to banking and finance, and so far I’ve always used my BCV account and Visa/Mastercard cards that go with it.

For the more knowledgeable ones here, any opinion on Yuh? Is it a good option to pay for stuff while on holidays?

Not using Yuh, only Revolut but the cards are similar. Both have the advantage that you pay in the local currency and avoid the conversion cost. Depending on what your bank charges and you buy it can make a bigger difference.

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I use YUH for their debit card. Excellent for making euro payments. They are part of Post Finance and Swissquote, who have launched their own brand debit card which is oddly not free.


That’s what I’m interested in, and mostly for euro trips and my coming London trip.

I use Wise myself, never tried YUH but sounds OK.

Wise makes no extra charge for cash withdrawls abroad.
Wise currency exchange rate fee is half the YUH fee.

Wise exchange rates are very good, I could not find the YUH rate.


I recomend to use either Neon or Revolut.

Yuh has a currency exchange fee of 0.95% (or 1.5%) when paying abroad.
Neon is using the mastercard daily exchange which is simulated to be about 0.3% comission for major currencies (you can check in the mastercard webpage Mastercard Currency Converter | Currency Exchange Rate Calculator)
Revolut uses its own exchaneg rate which is not very transparent but on test is also about 0.3% for major currencies. The downside is that on the weekends, it has extra fee (1%), and also there is a monthly allowance.
Wise has about a 0.48-0.49% for major currencies. (source: converting major pairs in the webpage)

In my opinion, Neon, Wise and revolut are all good options, much better than Yuh. My personal travelling combo is to use Neon (for payments) and Revolut for ATM withdrawals, as their free plan has certain amount per month for free (which Neon hasn’t).
Otherwise I think Neon offers excellent value, as single account.


I have currency balances in US$ and € electronically. So I load some of this onto my Yuh debit card. So payments in these currencies attract no exchange rates -it’s only if I pay in CHF…

To be sure I understand this correctly (sorry, out of my league here):

  • I have CHF bank accounts
  • I deposited some CHF on my Yuh account
  • I have a London trip planned. Do I change some CHF → pounds on my Yuh account before the trip? Is it the best way to proceed?

Yes, just convert some CHF into GBP.

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I‘ve seen you have to be careful with debit cards because you can get wiped out if they’re cloned but I’ve set a limit on my wise. Also be careful with loading Revolut because it’s a UK bank even though it’s CHF so you can be charged international fees. Wise has good rates and is local transfers. If you have Apple phone, set Apple Pay to the card and use that, then there’s no cloning.

Revolut is not a UK bank. They were but no longer.

Only fees I had was for bank transfers, not for converting currencies.

Yes I got fees for bank transfers and my RM told me it was because it was international. With wise you don’t get that because it’s local. That’s what I was told by the RM.

Exchanging before or after, it makes no difference. The fee is still 0.95%
What the otheruser is saying he uses another service or has another income with US or EUR and loads it into Yuh, which then you avoid paying exchange fees.

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Thanks, that’s exactly was I was wondering about!

I’ve had Yuh, Neon, and Revolut so far.
I lost the plot with Neon when their systems went down 3 times in 9 weeks. Totally unacceptable.
I use Revolut for sending money overseas to fellow Revolut accounts.
I use Yuh for everything else, including int’l travel, and have been very happy.

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I only use a prepaid card when I’m traveling… the security aspect is worth more to me than the few francs I might save

YUH is part of Swissquote. If you already have a Swissquote account, opening a YUH is super easy. Also I used to end up with small balances of USD and EUR from trading. Transferring these to YUH means European travel and online purchases in $ are useful…

N26 is also a decent option. They have higher ATM fee-free withdrawals.