Yverdon parking

hi everyone, I need to go to Zurich for a week in January and I live outside Lausanne with not the simplest commute into Lausanne via public transport. I was thinking of driving to Yverdon and leaving the car in the train station in Yverdon and hopping on the train to Zurich

Has anyone used the Yverdon parking for 5 days? I see the option in the P+Rail site which is great. Question about this, is the parking place guaranteed if we book in advance?

thanks a lot


Just a suggestion : maybe grab a mobility car and check if you can leave it at a different location near where you need to go ...

I have no idea if the space is guaranteed if booked in advance but in my experience there isn’t usually a problem finding a space at Yverdon station.

The station car park is max 3 hrs- so not possible. There is another car park at the back of the school, to the left of the station, where you can stay longer- but I don't think you could stay for 1 week. I often leave car there for the day, if I have to go to Lausanne.

Or taxi to Lausanne station and then get the train to Zurich from there? Or do you have someone who could drop you off at Lausanne - wife, friend, etc.

See how it works with your dates here


With the CFF park and ride app spaces are not guaranteed. But you should be able to plan to arrive outside of peak hours (07:30-19:30 Mon-Fri) you should be OK.

but probably not for a whole week.

The two CFF P&Rs I familiar with, Nyon and Allaman do not restrict overnight parking.

The CFF web-site for Yverdon has prices for a day, month or year. It even shows an estimate of occupancy.

Good, as the main car park opposite the station is 3 hrs only (since recently, used to be 5).