Zeiss Vision Center in Zurich - any good?

I probably need new glasses (need to see an ophthalmologist first, but I assume I will need varifocals at this point), but I saw that there is a Zeiss Vision Center in the city.

Anyone been there? How is it?

Most importantly: how much are the frames and the glasses, typically? I saw they have a lot of “designer” brands that are in the Rolls Royce “if you have to ask…” category. I know varifocals are expensive, so there’s no way around that.

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Thank you for posting this. I can’t help you but I feel I am in the same boat. Need new glasses and yes, it could go in that direction as well. Makes me feel old :laughing:
So please let us know if you go ahead

I am old. No question about it.
Working in front of flat displays literally for decades all day takes a toll.

My ophthalmologist predicted this a couple of years ago already. They know the drill…

I can´t help you with the Zeiss Center. I buy my glasses in Berlin and they are 500 per glass. But then that optician is great but not cheap.
From what I heard from others, expect a similar amount per glass for varifocals here.

Dad bought a pair of varifocals that cost 1000 Euros. That was a couple of years ago.
By his own admission, he almost never wears them.

So, I never expected to walk out below 1000.

If you only want Zeiss glasses, you can get them at any Fielmann. I overheard a conversation there recently where someone got an offer for varifocals at 1500 all together.

I’ve tried both ends of the spectrum. I’ve worn varifocals for over 10 years without problem.

The shallow end - McOptic. They copied the lenses of my existing glasses (they have a machine that does this) to produce a pair of polarised sunglasses for about 400 and they threw in a second pair for CHF1 ! Actually, I paid 70 for these to be polarised too. The one-franc pair were perfect. But the ones I paid for had to be changed twice until they got it right. They hadn’t taken the measurements correctly.

The deep end - Burrioptik next to the Open Cafe on Limmatquai. Great service and an excellent range of original designer glasses. Minimum 1500 for Varilux, non-reflective finish etc.

You pays your money and takes your choice, as they say…

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