[ZH] Where to find dragon fruit?

Hey EFers,

I just wanted to ask around if anyone knows where to get dragon fruit in Zurich? I only see it in Globus, and it's like CHF 12.5 each Any leads are greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance!

Well i saw them but not in Switzerland, in Austria near the border (Asia Markt - Jiahong). I dont remember the price tho.

It's like trying to get Fennel in Singapore - just as rare and just as pricey.

I saw them at the Migros at the HB, not the big one, the one on the side of Bahnhofstrasse that has a kind of fruit/veggie stall outside. They have a few exotic fruits there. Can't say if now they have it but had bought some there.

There’s a Grand Frais across the border in Saint-Louis, I have no idea how far that is in driving time from Zurich but the one I use near Geneva usually has dragon fruit and they’re definitely not that expensive.
Worth a trip perhaps to stock up on fresh fruit and veg.? Their fish is good too, and comes vacuum- packed so you can just throw it straight into the freezer.

https://www.grandfrais.com/magasins/saint-louis They mention stocking dragon fruit (pitaya) in their exotic fruit section.

Lian Hua (Asian grocer near bahnhof wiedikon) sometimes has them. And a some times of year they do appear in Migros. It's also very fashionable at the moment, so it may be that there are just not so many around.... Try the fruit and veg stand at the smaller migros that is in the Zurich Hauptbahnhof - they often have a range of more exotic fruit - but it won't be the cheapest.

In my experience, the ones sold in Migros/Coop taste like nothing.

The only place I've found decent tasting ones are in the Asian shops. They're not that much cheaper than in Globus though.

New Asia Supermarkt in Wiedikon always has them.

Update in case anyone's interested;

Today Grand Frais was selling dragon fruit for €15.80 a kilo; a large, really fresh fruit weighed 450g so would cost just over €8.