ZRH airport issues

I thought it maybe useful to have a thread running on current issues at ZRH from and for the folks going through there regularly.

Specifically, LH is on strike until tomorrow. I see that most LH flights are cancelled today, but Eurowings are not. I can however not check in on my LX flight operated by EW later today. Flight looks OK on departures site.

Does anyone know whether EW is affected by LH strikes?

I use Zurich flughafen app or chat - even check twitter -


I’ve just googled Lufthansa site : https://www.lufthansa.com/digitalassistant/webchat.html?ref=flightdisruption&start=irreg

Hope that helps. It’s a good idea to have this thread

EW seems unaffected, could check in now.

All these acronyms though

If you fly much, you’ll know them :wink:

ZRH = Zurich
LH = Lufthansa
EW = Eurowings

LX and EW are owned by LH.

HTH. (hope that helps) :slight_smile:


Some more obscure codes:

NH - All nippon airlines, originally Nippon Helicopters

WN - Southwest. Were unhappy they couldn’t get SW as it was already used by Air Namibia (ex South West Africa) so opted for the opposite of Northwest Orient (NW).

NZ One of the few airlines to change their code. They used to have TE, coming from Tasman Empire airlines.

AY - Finnair… When it was created, the national airline of Finland was Aero O/Y.

FI - Icelandair… It used to be an amalgamate of airlines in Iceland, and at some time, it used to be Flugfelag Islands (Airlines of Iceland, in Icelandic)

More relevant to the topic, I have never seen ZRH so empty as this week. School holidays and mid day flights I guess. Security took less than 2 minutes. On arrival today, checked luggage was alrrady on the belt when I got there from A84.

Runway extensions in ZRH are approved. We had a thread on this in the old place, so I thought I share this update here.

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Refresh my memory - was this more about safety or more about adding traffic (i.e.flights = money)? I seem to recall on the old site that there was a bit of discussion behind the “real” reasoning.

Well, the pro side argued with safety (less runway crossings, more buffer) and con side argued with increased capacity (as more long haul planes could land/depart in the same time). The truth is probably in between, although I thought the most relevant issue would be a shift of traffic between the runways: With extended runways, long haul can depart from R28 and 32 which potentially shifts noise to Rumlang and Bulach/Hochfelden.

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Here again the airport map with extensions in yellow

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